Islamic Design, Canvases, and Calligraphy

Islamic Design, Canvases, and Calligraphy

Islamic Design, Canvases, and Calligraphy

Islamic-Design Background

As the canvas designer at Islamic-Design, I initially spent several years working with mendhi; working on brides, friends, family and also had the opportunity to work alongside some of the best mendhi artists in the world. I was then curious to see what my mendhi design would look like on canvas; the transformation pleased me!

I spent some time researching Islamic calligraphy art and Islamic Design in general and I now work primarily on unique hand painted Islamic canvases using mendhi design, Islamic calligraphy, and client requests for individual names.

Islamic-Design Message

For Muslims it is important we find an alternative to photographs and posters of life form to fill that blank space on the wall. At Islamic-Design we believe Islamic canvases are an excellent choice to fulfil this requirement; especially when you can request one to fit your choice of colours. We also believe Islamic canvases can be enjoyed by those not of the Islamic faith and through art we can come to appreciate the rich and diverse history and backgrounds of all people.

So please feel free to browse our existing Islamic canvases and paintings and feel free to contact Islamic-Design if you require any assistance or to put forward any comments or feedback.

Thank you for your time and peace to all,
A Muslim Sister.